GeauxPoint to Release New CRM Guide — With a Twist

Three pages with charts, text, and graphics explaining CRM

On next Thursday, June 25th, GeauxPoint will release its newest white paper, “The Beginner’s Guide to CRM: An Honest Look at the Pros and Cons of Customer Relationship Management”

In addition to simply introducing the topic of CRM to the un-initiated, the guide will explore both the good aspects to CRM as well as the bad. This is unusual, since most Web content for CRMs is mostly about making sales. GeauxPoint’s paper, however, seeks to make audiences think twice.

“Too many clients were coming to us after they’d failed with their CRM,” says John Nettles, GeauxPoint consultant. “We’re happy to help, but we’d wished they’d have succeeded the first time. It would have saved the a lot of headache and tons of money.”

The white paper paper will help sales managers and business owners to fully understand, evaluate, and get started with CRM. It will explain what CRM does, evaluate CRM platforms, and provide a series of tools to help the reader decide if CRM is a good fit for them.

If readers do determine that they want to move forward with CRM, there a tools to help them get started. One such tool is a chart comparing multiple popular CRM platforms.

Another purpose of the white paper is to let audiences know that if they become stuck, there is always someone they can call.

“We don’t hard sell our services,” says Nettles. “When someone calls us, if the answer is simple, we help them right then and there, no strings attached. If the answer is complex, we offer higher services as well as pointing them in the right direction if they want to help themselves.“

The paper will be in the latest of a series of GeauxPoint publications. The consultancy hopes to continue to publish guides whenever it spots a widespread business problem the company can help solve.

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