Salesforce Implementation

GeauxPoint Salesforce Implementation: A Solution Ten Years in the Making

GeauxPoint Salesforce Implementation is a fail-proof strategy that has been perfected after more than ten years of experience in performing implementations.

The solution works by reinforcing the points of the implementation process where failure most often occurs. The tried-and-true methodology creates a Salesforce instance that is more accurate and effective in less time.

One crumbling triangle showing the steps of a failed Salesforce implementation next to another triangle showing the steps of a succesful Salesforce implementation

GeauxPoint Salesforce Implementation is a four-part methodology that corrects the weak points in most Salesforce self-implementations, as follows:

  • Step 1: Research. GeauxPoint consultants meet with staff members to understand business processes, goals and objectives. We gain a close understanding of your work and let you know what Salesforce can and cannot do for your business.
  • Step 2: Develop. Based on initial discovery sessions, GeauxPoint develops a comprehensive implementation blueprint that clearly lays out exactly how the new Salesforce instance will work. Text, charts, and graphs clearly demonstrate workflows and business rules, giving the client a high level of insight and control over their Salesforce instance.
  • Step 3: Procure. GeauxPoint arranges the necessary licenses and products. Often times, GeauxPoint discovers that clients are overpaying.
  • Step 4: Implementation. This phase includes nuts-and-bolts labor of the project. Implementation is relatively straightforward with adequate planning.

GeauxPoint Salesforce Implementation offers the following advantages:

  • Reliability. GeauxPoint Salesforce Implementation has been perfected over hundreds of implementations.
  • Transparency. The GeauxPoint Salesforce Implementation process generates tons of insights to clients who gain a deeper understanding of Salesforce concepts and best practices.
  • Freedom. High levels of transparency give clients lots of control over the design of the system.
  • Precision. Greater control means that the final Salesforce product will be an exact fit for your business.
  • Accountability. Documentation at each step of the way helps you to both understand Salesforce and to know exactly GeauxPoint will
    Three overlapping documents with diagrams, charts, and text

    GeauxPoint blueprints keep clients informed and in control.


In addition, GeauxPoint includes the following supplementary and a-la-carte services:

  • Program architecture
  • Data modeling
  • Integration
  • Re-implementations and troubleshooting
  • Strategy and alignment with businesses goals

Initial GeauxPoint Salesforce Implementation consultations are available for FREE for a limited time. Schedule a free 30-minute Salesforce consultations today.

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