Business Management Services


Growth rarely involves a one-size-fits all solution. GeauxPointHappy business people sitting around the table at the meeting employs both complex and simple strategies to affect change.

Some of our business management consulting services include:

Change Management

Keeping up with constant innovation creates an ever-shifting business environment. It is difficult to affect the necessary large-scale changes.

Often, it is best to leave change management in the hands of experts who have successfully affected transformations numerous times. Doing so increases the chances of project success, minimizes disruptions, and improves the overall impact.

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Strategy Consulting

Your business could perform better, but how? Many businesses are pulling ahead of the competition by leveraging new and emerging innovations. But first, innovative solutions must be identified.

GeauxPoint carefully monitors new technologies and cutting-edge business strategies in the industries it operates. Clients leverage this strategy consulting to learn about new options.

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Technology Consulting

GeauxPoint consultants have more than 20 years experience of helping businesses reach their goals through technology. As such, we are able to provide solutions for most business needs.

Technology consulting services include:

  • Technology strategy
  • Participation on boards and committees throughout the US and Canada
  • Enterprise system implementation
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Technology-based sales initiatives
  • Strategy for launch of new product(s)
  • Short and long term funding plans through existing relationships with private equity firms and angel investors.

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Content Marketing / Content Creation

Creating gainful relationships with clients and customers means providing value on the front-end. By turning your marketing into an essential resource for your clients, you build stronger and more prosperous relationships

Content marketing services include:

  • Website design/creation with focus on holistic utilization of existing systems
  • Content strategy
  • White papers
  • Blogging
  • Social media management
  • Collateral
  • Marketing Automation

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