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Five Industries Where Salesforce® is BOOMING

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By now, Salesforce is a big deal in most industries, and the ones that are lagging behind are quickly catching up. The following five industries are seeing lightening-fast adoption of Salesforce and the gains that come with it:

Salesforce for Biotechnology

“It’s not okay to keep your customers at arms length. You’ve got to be engaged with them at every step of the way,” said New England Biotlab CIO and head of IT, Ken Grady, in an interview with

In an industry that grew 10.8 percent from 2009-2014 to $289 billion, business leaders are clambering to form closer relationships to prospects and customers. With such high growth potential and high incidences of success, effective sales-pipeline management can catapult growth.

GeauxPoint says: Biotechnology is certainly an industry ripe for Salesforce adoption, and we expect the demand for CRM to increase from this industry.

Salesforce for Higher Education

Colleges and universities are elevating their fundraising, recruiting, and admission efforts to new heights through Salesforce. Their large and complex alumni and donor-management strategies benefit greatly through advanced relationship management.

Some popular draws to Salesforce from higher education institutions include:

  • Campaign management,
  • Real-time analytics
  • Web portals
  • Team collaboration
  • Mobile access,
  • The ability to build custom applications without having to code

GeauxPoint says: Many of the principles we coach non-profits on are being used to great effect in higher education.

Salesforce for Financial Planners and Wealth Managers

Although initially Salesforce faced a lukewarm reception from some financial planners, many have since seen the light.

Effective use of CRMs like Salesforce are becoming essential components for competition in the financial planning world. The company that can provide the perfect number of touches in the most efficient and accurate manner possible are winning larger and larger market shares.

GeauxPoint says: It’s an exciting time to be in the financial planning world. The financial businesses we’ve served have been our most enthusiastic and grateful clients.

Salesforce for Associations

The way people use associations is changing, and many such organizations are modifying the way they bring value to their clients. One thing is certain for associations: closer member relationships are essential. Through Salesforce, associations are increasing member retention, growing their constituencies, and creating stronger relationships with existing members.

GeauxPoint says: CRMs are especially critical for associations who are trending to the negative. For associations who are worried about their long-term health or that are doing better than ever, Salesforce is a powerful growth engine.

Salesforce for Non-Profits

Thanks to the Salesforce Foundation, non-profits can license the platform at an affordable rate. This helps them step up their fundraising games drastically. Also, since Salesforce doesn’t require much in the way of upfront tech investments, even small non-profits can use the system to great effect.

GeauxPoint says: Advancing worthy causes by promoting innovative technology is a core value of GeauxPoint and we’ve witnessed their success first hand.

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